Since originally training in Ken Eyerman’s bodywork and movement system 15 years ago, Caroline’s work has evolved to reflect the influence of her wider training and background. Her work brings together a synthesis of yoga, bodywork, massage, structural integration, and Feldenkrais. She has taught yoga to training bodyworkers and likewise applies her bodywork background when teaching yoga.

Her approach is to encourage greater awareness of sensation in movement, a mind body process of self enquiry, that is brought about by gentle but deep hands on work. This guides the client’s body through patterns of movement that work with, rather than against, the nervous system, to release tension and explore restriction. Issues such as tightness, limited movement, muscle pain or mis- alignment can be worked on to bring about greater freedom in the body and create a sense of wellbeing. Improved posture and ease of movement can be experienced as a result of a more relaxed and integrated body.

Sessions last about an hour and combine guided movement (whilst lying down and clothed), and also oil massage. This work is a perfect complement to the yoga practise, but can also be done independently.

In 2018 Caroline trained with Louise Tremblay in DermoNeuromodulation, a technique which works through the skin with sub cutaneous nerves to alter perception of pain.