Workshops 2018

with Caroline Tautz

29th March at Yotopia Covent Garden 2-5p.m.

Teaching creative vinyasa flow; a guide for teachers.

A fascia friendly approach.

In this 3 hour workshop we will explore creating flow sequences that have an awareness of their kinetic chains. Influenced by ‘Anatomy trains’, by Tom Myers we will look at the different lines being used in our asana practice.

Creating asana sequences intelligently requires an understanding of how the body benefits from different types of movements using a variety of patterns and non linear chains.

Covering all the basic lines we will learn movement from the ground up, shifting out of habitual patterns, and integrating somatic language into our teaching cues.

Caroline’s background in bodywork, massage and fascial touch as well as more recent training in neuro dermo modulation which focusses mainly on working with the nervous system, create a therapeutic space for learning that is innovative in the current yoga world.