Teaching Style

Caroline teaches a flowing dynamic hatha based class, with precise and specific verbal instructions and sensitive hands on adjustments. Caroline’s background in bodywork, yoga and dance inform both her observational capacity, work through touch and also creative and exploratory approach. Although serious, the practise can be playful and fun and creative whilst remaining focussed.

Central to the teaching is the understanding of breath and energy flow. This creates a profoundly releasing and therapeutic experience, which over time can be transformative and lasting. Emphasis is also on healthy alignment taught through the understanding of anatomical principles, and a somatic approach which encourages the practitioner to feel and sense internal processes. Working slowly yet deeply allows each student time to tune in and integrate their learning. Postures are sequenced to progress systematically, so that a gradual opening or softening of the body occurs, and the practise concludes with shavasana (deep relaxation), to enable both body and mind the time to relinquish residual tension.

Caroline teaches a non linear, non dogmatic approach which is an invitation into individual expression and freedom from restrictive and habitual movement patterns. Key to this is the creating of a safe practice environment where individuals are encouraged to let go of striving or pushing.

The Yotopia sequences, with their spiralling movements and use of pulsation have been a strong influence.


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